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Eureka Timberline four Adventure Tent Review

The Eureka Timberline four Adventure tent is a classic tent design manufactured by a business that has been around, and been in the business for a quite lengthy time. Over 100 years to be precise. The Eureka firm began long ago in the late 1890’s as a business which had been designing canvas products for the American frontiersmen of that time. They had been manufacturing canvas tents, wagon covers and horse covers amongst some other things back then. Their track record has remained unblemished for all these decades.

Many well-known expeditions around the world as well as up to Mount Everest has utilised Eureka tents in the process. This certainty gives this business a lot of credit for high quality in addition to encounter in the design and manufacture of camping tent goods.

The Eureka Timberline 4 adventure model is an old favorite and immensely well-liked item. There were over a million purchased, helping to make this among the list of most popular, if not the most well-liked tent ever sold.

Everybody who is or perhaps has also been a boy scout must be acquainted with this tent. It’s been around for many years and has consistently been improved and improved where it necessary to be improved.

The style of this product is actually a common A frame sort of design. it really is a freestanding mode that’s very simple to set up in only a few minutes time with out hassle, to ensure that no tie downs or pegs are required in order to secure it to the ground. You will find guylines and rain fly attachments which are secured down to the ground which provides you the additional stability that may be necessary in severe or rough conditions.

This is what would be regarded as a 3 season outdoor tent, which are probably the most typical kinds that are sold these days. They’ll get you by means of most seasons with the exception of an incredibly chilly winter season situation. Having 63 sq . ft . of living area obtainable, sleeping 4 folks comfortably ought to not be an issue.

Though reasonably light as far as backpacking tents go, this isn’t one of those ultra light types where every single ounce matters. If you are going on prolonged long backpack outings and weight is really a severe issue, then you ought to consider one of the lighter ultra light tents which are offered right now.

Produced out of a strong coated polyester fabric, and with floor seams which are held taught and off the floor, water leakage need to not be a problem. A rain fly helps to keep the water away and two windows will allow for great ventilation and minimal condensation if any.

There are inside mesh pockets to store your equipment, and you’ll be able to get an optionally available vestibule (which can be a great thought measuring 14 square ft to use to store your things.

All round, I like the Eureka timberline. Possibly there’s some nostalgia there with the Boy Scouts but if my prior memory serves me right, and my existing review is accurate, these is actually a really very good tent for the dollars and 1 that really should last for many years to come in case you are a casual weekend camper. In case you are the much more serious sort of extreme backpacking camper, then you should be looking somewhere else.

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